Gemco Awards


A salute to courage

Let us make an announcement before we go deep decoding bravery and many aspects of it.

We are ecstatic to announce that Navonkar Singh is among the winners tonight for something other than sporting, academic or creative excellence. In fact, this young man is a winner for being a brave and courageous human being!

It’s not every day that we come across an incredible story of bravery and valor from our day to day lives. But then comes along a person who, for a few crazy moments, displays remarkable courage that becomes the talk of the town and can inspire future generations.

Navonkar Singh recently demonstrated one such act of bravery that saved hundreds of lives and millions of dollars in assets. He has already been honoured with a Commendation for Brave Conduct by the Governor-General in March 2022.

What exactly happened?

Navonkar Singh’s truck caught fire as he was at a gas station. Instead of fleeing the scene to save his own life, he climbed into the blazing vehicle and drove it away from the gas station. His unselfish act of courage was witnessed by many, and word of his heroic deed quickly spread among the surrounding community. So much so that the Australian government shortlisted him for an Australian Bravery Decoration, eventually awarding him a Commendation for Brave Conduct.

Let us use this moment of pride for our community in Sydney to go deeper into what courage is all about and what motivates someone to act bravely without caring about their own safety.

What is Courage?

According to Aristotle, courage is a virtue, the highest quality of the mind. According to Richard Avramenko, a political science professor at the University of Wisconsin, courage is the primary means by which humans rise above their individualistic, isolated, and materialistic existence.

Every act of bravery is our fight—our action response to stressful and dangerous stimuli that has been critical to our species’ survival since the beginning. Researchers also claim that several situational variables, including a sense of responsibility to self and others, the powerful effects of group membership, all play a role in certain people’s penchant to act bravely.

Taking the right action despite the fear

If you’re like most people, you probably associate courage with fearlessness, but this is not true. In reality, courage is defined as taking the right actions despite your fear. Courage is the willingness to respond swiftly without fear, despite any concern or worry that may be pulling you back. Being fearless right in the face of adversity is not considered courageous. Courageous people do have fears, but they are able to control and overcome them so that it doesn’t hold them back from taking the right action at the right time. They are the kind of people who use fear to ensure that they do not become verconfident and that the appropriate actions are taken.

But how do they deal with it? Answer to this is rather simple and straightforward. Rather than allowing fear to control them, they’ve learned to control their emotional response to it.

Being courageous pays

Being more courageous in your life will enable you to effectively respond to challenges and achieve excellent results. Additionally, courage provides you the ability to pursue goals that are essential to you. It also boosts your self-esteem and gives you the courage to believe in your own ability.

Courage demands a clear sense of purpose

Nobody sets out to be courageous. When confronted with a potentially dangerous circumstance, no one knows how they will react. People who are courageous are often those who take a moral stand and have a clear sense of purpose. Many analysts believe that cultivating courage has more to do with emotions- ‘Follow your heart.’

Courageous people stand up to threats to themselves or the things or people they care about. They act in ways that are consistent with their values. However, there are times when a quiet and thoughtful response is required.

Congratulations and thank you, Navonkar Singh. You are a shining example of what all us aspire to be.