Gemco Awards


What makes us want to excel in life

“To be human is to live to our highest potential”

The Gemco Sydney Awards celebrate achievements by individuals in their pursuit of excellence in their chosen field. Over the years, our team has attempted to understand the drive that makes people want to achieve things, push their limits, and persevere right till the end.

When you think of excellence, what kind of people do you see? Olympic athletes, musicians, artists, creative, and dancers are just a few examples of people who have put in 10,000 hours of focused practice and achieved cult status in their respective fields.

We all want to achieve something and be successful in life. When we set a goal for ourselves, we work hard to accomplish it; however, what happens when we achieve that goal? Do we relax or do we set a higher goal than the one before it?

We discussed all these questions as well as the reasons that make people want to excel in life and the motivation which has inspired people to become more successful, prosperous, and famous. We are happy to share our observations with you.

A high level of individuality and effectiveness

We’re all eager to attempt the seemingly impossible, but very few of us actually give it their best shot. The greater the individual’s ability and motivation to excel in life, the more likely they are to work harder towards their goal.

The need to prove ourselves is what drives us to strive harder and accomplish something that we are proud of. Individuality allows us to follow a career or profession that we enjoy. Every individual will devote their efforts and time to a pursuit that best demonstrates their true potential.

Never give up and keep moving attitude

The accomplishment of some dreams or part of a dream, does not imply that you are satisfied; instead, achievers set their sights on bigger and higher goals. Pushing yourself and your limits are the only ways to increase your capabilities and strength. One achievement must lead to the next win.

Personal excellence over everything

Exceeding every criterion of expectation is the definition of excellence. Many people around us struggle and are unhappy with their lives because they do not strive for excellence. People who strive for excellence and want to excel in life are joyful, have a sense of inner fulfillment, and contribute positively to their surroundings. Personal excellence is a lifelong process of honing mental and emotional skills to improve in all aspects of our lives, and we must focus on our personal growth and development to attain it.

Personal excellence means regularly and continuously improving your performance so that you can improve every part of your life – family, education, career, finances, relationships, and so on. It is a process of becoming a better version of oneself and improving in all facets of one’s life.

Inner focus

The road to success and accomplishment is littered with diversions, disappointments, and setbacks. Countless failures and calamities befell the greatest inventors of our century, but these setbacks did not deter them from achieving ultimate success. As a result, achieving excellence requires unwavering passion and devotion.

It is the same focus that drives achievers of all kinds – global icons, local heroes or the person next door.

As humans, we have a constant desire for popularity, prosperity, and advancement. Through our lives, we battle to reach our full potential. On a personal, professional, and academic level, we are trying to achieve progress and excellence.

Many of us understand what it takes to grow and thrive, some of them are among our winners tonight. They all teach us a vital lesson – we should all aim for excellence at every step, every stage of life.